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5th Star Vacuum Excavation has a small growing fleet of the latest and newest Australian made vacuum excavation boom trucks.


No job is too big or small, call on 1300 203 665 for a free on-site consultation.

We have experienced operators that are trained to operate our equipment safely and efficiently.

5th Star Vacuum Excavation Services in Ipswich

Vacuum Excavation
Vacuum Excavation also known as Vacuum Digging, Hydro Excavation or Non-Destructive Digging (NDD).

This method of digging is considered best practice practice for digging without damaging existing underground utilities and for the safe location of underground utilities. Traditional methods of excavation are: using a excavator/backhoe, chain/trencher digger, auger, or digging by hand.


Electronic service location
This is used to find the alignment of services and infrastructure underground without having to dig any holes


Pot holing
Once underground utilities or services are located with an electronic service locator we provide a safe and efficient way to safely expose and locate services, this allows for mechanical type excavation to proceed without damage to utilities. With vacuum excavation we can cut trenches in locations difficult to access allow for repairs or installation of existing or new services.


Pipe jet rodding
Pipe Jet Rodding (to remove blockages, tree roots) is the use of a specially designed rotary jetting tip that is sent up conduits or pipes to cut through tree roots and to clear other blockages without causing damage to the conduit.

For quality vacuum and hydro excavation in Ipswich, you can depend on us!

5th Star Vacuum Excavation trucks capabilities and experience include:

  • Vacuum excavation to meet your project needs
  • Potholing of utilities
  • Exposing utilities for accurate depth and survey recording
  • Preparation for power pole installation
  • Geotechnical excavation assistance
  • Slot trenching
  • Preparation for sign and bollard installation
  • Non-destructive excavation for utility installation
  • Excavation under existing structures
  • Excavation across conflicting services
  • Excavation around tree roots where utility conflicts exist
  • Pipeline maintenance and tie ins
  • Pit and conduit clean outs
  • Drain and culvert clean outs
  • Cattle grid clean outs
  • Sludge removal
  • Extraction of wet and dry materials
  • Under footpath electrical conduit installation below 600mm

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We make a great vacuum excavation sub-contractor for your civil works!

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