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Quality Split System Air Conditioning Camp Hill

Whether you need air conditioning for your home, unit, high rise or commercial building, 5th Star Air can help.


5th Star Air has built a solid reputation by providing outstanding customer service, leading-edge solutions and exceptional products.

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Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Everyone likes to come home or step into the office to a cool environment to beat the heat and humidity of Brisbane. However, many people do not have the luxury of a central air conditioning unit so they turn to window units.


We only use the most trusted and reputable brands available in Camp Hill and the surrounding areas. Not all air conditioning units are made equal, so we maintain a healthy stock of high-quality air con brands. With our experience in this industry, we know which units perform and which cease to function after just a couple of years. You can trust us to use nothing but the best.


We supply and install quality split system air conditioners in Camp Hill and the surrounding areas. We source the equipment from leading manufacturers including Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Daikin. We have different types of split system air conditioners to suit your needs and budget.


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Why Choose 5th Star For Your Split System Air Conditioning Requirements in Camp Hill?

Our qualified team is professional, dedicated and reliable. With over a decade of experience in Split System air conditioning service, there’s no situation we can’t take care of. Unlike other installation and maintenance providers in the area, we here at 5th Star Air never take a one-size-fits-all approach to our clients. It’s important for us to know our clients’ unique needs and concerns so we can customise our services to address them properly.


We use the information you provide us, along with our industry expertise, to determine which air conditioning system is best suited to your needs. We can also tell you all about how to get your money’s worth from your new system, as well as how to use and maintain it properly.

Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning?

Cost Effective
A split system air conditioner more than a traditional air conditioning system. However, the cost of running the two-part air conditioning system is lower. It uses less power and distributes air accurately and efficiently, saving money and energy. When making temperature adjustments, you only need to add more indoor units and connect them to a single outdoor unit. You do not need to buy any extra outdoor units, which in turn brings the cost down.


Elegant and Attractive Design
The old-style window air conditioning systems are large, but the split system AC units are smaller, elegant and attractive to match the decoration of your house or office space. They also have a low working noise and this makes them ideal for home or office use.


Easy Control
Many split system air conditioners come with a remote control and a thermostat for easy control.


Easy Installation
A split air conditioner system has two parts that are separated and this makes it efficient in the way that the air flows and cools the working or living space.

This type of AC is easy to install. Find the right place to place the outdoor unit, cut holes to connect the wires and tubes, and place the cooling system in the right area for air circulation.

The system has washable cleaners that need routine cleaning.

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