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From installations and maintenance to restorations and replacements in Box Hill, we have tackled many challenging roofing projects. If you have a leaky roof or need one of our other services, give us a call today.


We repair and restore all types of roofing.

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A1 Fix Plumbing | Servicing Box Hill and the surrounding areas

A1 Fix Plumbing can look after all your roof, gutter and storm water pipework repairs and maintenance.


We specialise in roof and gutter repairs and provide accurate services to clients who are dealing with roof and gutter damages. We have the experience and all the necessary tools by which we can inspect and repair the roof plumbing system.

Our focus on servicing renovations and extensions, new construction sector in Melbourne whether it be for residential homes, unit developments and light commercial and/or developments.


At A1 Fix Plumbing, we provide a complete set of plumbing services and always aim to provide professional workmanship, reliable service and good competitive value to our clients.

Roof Plumbing Services in Box Hill:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Plumbing
  • Gutter Cleans
  • Gutter Maintenance
  • Storm Water Plumbing
  • Storm Water Drain Maintenance and jet water blasting


Roofs, gutters and pipework require regular maintenance and repairs in order to prevent damage and deterioration.


Even minor faults in guttering and pipework can cause water damage and structural damage to a building or your property.


We pride ourselves on detecting and fixing roofing issues. Whether your issue is rusting pipes or detached gutters, our plumbers will identify the source of the problem with haste. We understand the trouble a leaky roof can cause, so we will resolve your issue with maximum efficiency.


Don’t risk a fall - the injuries can be serious. Call A1 Fix Plumbing for qualified roof plumbers to assist!

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Ask us for any more information about our roof repair services or for a free inspection and quote. Call A1 Fix Plumbing on 0438 537 773.

Tips on how to inspect your roof.

Clean Any Debris. Any debris on your roof can hold water. In time, it will cause deterioration. The debris can collect behind the pipes, skylights, and chimney. It can also build up in the valleys where your roof section meets.


Thoroughly Inspect Flashing. The flashing should be stable and not deteriorating. You might need to reseal it. Make sure that you remove any old caulk and scrub the area until it’s clean before you apply the sealant to ensure that it sticks.


Check For Loose Tiles. If there are any loose tiles, make sure that you secure them using roof cement. If you can’t fix them, you might have to replace them with new ones.


Trim and Prune Trees. Do you have trees in your yard? If you notice any branches that touch or hangs over the roof, it is time to cut or prune them. It will not only prevent it from rubbing against the roof but will also keep the Possums away.

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