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Regardless of what hot water system you use, we’re here to help. Our qualified team can work on a range of systems, including a gas, continuous flow, heat pump and electric hot water system.


We qualified and licensed plumbers and can provide repairs for electric, gas, or solar hot water systems. We can also supply, install, and repair heat pumps and associated appliances.

For all your hot water requirements call Jak & Co Plumbing & Gas Fitting

Jak & Co Plumbing & Gas Fitting | We can help with all types of hot water systems

Our premium plumbing service is anything but hold and cold. For the installation of state-of-the-art hot and cold water systems, you want a plumbing professional that focuses on quality and reliability. At JAK & Co, we keep up-to-date with the latest developments in plumbing technology and systems, so you can be sure we’ve got your hot and cold water plumbing covered.


At Jak Plumbing & Gas Fitting, we have the experience and expertise to handle anything hot water-related, whether you need repairs, replacement or installation. We’re equipped to provide a quality hot water service to both residential and commercial properties, no matter their size.


Some issues that you may have with your hot water system requiring a repair could include:

  • No hot water
  • A cracked and/or leaking hot water tank
  • The gas pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • Hot water in the tank is taking longer than usual to reheat
  • Discoloured water is being discharged
  • The hot water storage tank is making clanging sounds
  • The water is getting colder quicker than usual


So if you are looking for a hot water system specialist, you are on the right page. Jak Plumbing & Gas Fitting can help you fix any issue related to different types of hot water systems. Whether you need to fix your gas or electric hot water unit or just call someone for maintenance, we can help you

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Focusing on quality workmanship and products, JAK & Co believes a job worth doing is worth doing well.

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Hot Water Services Moorabbin

Jak Plumbing & Gas Fitting can assist with your hot water system if it has failed, suddenly burst or leaking. Our fast and reliable plumbing team is only one call away.


Common Hot Water Issues

  • No water
  • Lukewarm water
  • Low pressure of hot water
  • Rusting on the hot water heater
  • Leaking hot water system

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