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Harris Plumbing & Gas are fully equipped and licensed to repair hot water systems of all major Australian brands. If your hot water system cannot be repaired, we can install a brand new hot water system for you quickly and efficiently.

Whether it be in your commercial business or your home, water heaters are important, and vital, across the board.

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Whether you are interested in having a new system installed or you would like to know what your choices are as far as having an existing system repaired is concerned, we will be more than happy to help you evaluate the different options that are open to you and to provide you with competitive quotations for those that appeal to you most.

Harris Plumbing & Gas supply quality hot water systems for our local customers. It's important to choose the right hot water system that meets your needs.

We cover all hot water Installations, Servicing & Repairs in Gwelup

This one is pretty obvious. If you notice water anywhere near the unit, you need to call a plumber right away. Water heater leaks can result in flooding in your home, and you’ll want to get it fixed before it reaches this level of damage.


Over time, metallic sediments will build up in your water heater. Not only can this cause issues with hard water in your home, but it also compromises your tank’s efficiency. You’ll need to get your water heater flushed out regularly to keep it running well. Most noises are caused by sediment that builds up in the water tank over the years - so if you’re hearing a lot of bangs, creaks, knocks, or whines, it may be a sign that it’s past time for flushing.


To prevent the water from corroding the inside of the tank, a water heater includes a “sacrificial” anode rod - a long piece of metal that the water eats away at instead of the tank walls. Over time, these rods are completely destroyed and need to be replaced, or the inside of the tank will begin to rust.


If your water heater experiences regular leaks, it could be that your home’s water pressure is too much for it to handle. A plumber can install a thermal expansion tank - essentially a pressure release system that will protect your heater from further damage.


If your water is too hot or doesn’t seem to get hot enough, the thermostat on the unit may need to be adjusted. For most households, the ideal temperature for hot water is between 120 and 140 degrees.

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