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Fast & Reliable Hot Water Repairs Briar Hill

Hot water gone cold? Need a new hot water unit? At Northern Plumbing Company, we got you covered. We understand the frustration and worries associated with the need for a fast, dependable and affordable hot water services whether it be a minor repair or complete new installation.


For reliable and energy-efficient gas hot water solutions, reach out to Northern Plumbing Company today. Our knowledgeable team is primed to assist you with all your continuous flow, solar, and storage natural gas hot water service needs. Discover first hand our exceptional expertise, unwavering service commitment, and the ultimate in hot water comfort.

Whether it be hot water replacement, new installation or just minor repairs, contact Northern Plumbing Company for all your hot water requirements in Briar Hill.

Honest Advice. Cost Effective Solutions. 24 Hour Emergency Service. Call us today!

Your hot water heater is an expensive appliance and should always be installed by a fully qualified tradesperson. Don’t risk voiding your warranty. Fast, same day hot water system installation service.


Our specialised expertise encompasses a diverse range of gas hot water solutions, including continuous flow, solar, and storage natural gas hot water services. With a strong commitment to quality and technical excellence, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your hot water requirements are not only met but exceeded.

Why choose Northern Plumbing Company?

Local Expertise: As a integral part of the northern suburbs, we comprehend the distinctive requirements of your locale, tailoring our services to align seamlessly with your community’s needs.


Experienced Professionals: Our highly skilled technicians stay updated with the latest advancements in gas hot water technology, ensuring top-tier service quality.


Efficiency and Promptness: Whether it’s installing a new unit, addressing repairs, or conducting maintenance, our focus on efficiency minimizes disruption to your routine.


Personalized Approach: We understand that each household is unique. Our personalized solutions are shaped by understanding your specific requirements and preferences.


Dedication to Quality: Our dedication to quality permeates every facet of our work. We adhere to industry best practices and exclusively work with reliable, high-quality products

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Hot Water Installation

Emergency Hot Water Services Briar Hill

Is your current water heating system failing? Has it stopped working? If this is the case, you don’t have to keep showering with cold water. Simply call Northern Plumbing Company to get the issue sorted out in no time.


We offer all kinds of repair and replacement services on all major brands of hot water systems. We install and repair all kinds of gas, electric, and solar heating systems.


Emergencies should never wait. We understand this fact, and that’s why we offer same day repair services.


At Northern Plumbing Company, we are here to help solve your hot water system problems quickly and efficiently, or when you need assistance, we are happy to assist you and make sure that your hot water is back up and running in no time.

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