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Restore Clean offers a complete range of water damage restoration services including water damage removal, cleanup, and repair. We are a full-service water damage restoration company, responding to emergencies in Glen Waverley and the surrounding areas.


We know you just want things to return back to normal as soon as possible after a disaster. Our unique step-by-step water damage cleanup processes and equipment will do just that! Because of our wide range of expertise you can rely on us for all your water damage restoration needs. Our water damage company is on call every day, 24/7, so when disaster hits, we are there to recover the damage.

Water Damage Specialists You Can Rely On

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response, 7 Days a Week
  • Insurance Claims
  • Fast Response Time
  • Leak Detection
  • Professional Drying Systems
  • Mould Remediation
  • Deodorisation
  • Complete Structural Cleaning
  • Flood and Sewage Damage
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Water Extraction

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Equipped With The Latest Tool In Water Damage & Clean Up

Having water damage in your home can make it impossible to live in. By its very nature water will be buried into every surface it comes into contact with, causing damage that can invite dangerous health issues like the growth of toxic mould. In turn, mould damage can cause further damage and lead to structural rot in your residential or commercial property.


The sad fact is that once a home or business owner finds water damage in their property, the damage has already been done. Restore Clean are equipped with the latest tools in the restoration industry to thoroughly extract all of the water and restore your property back to its original condition.

Water Damage Restoration
IICRC Certified

24 Hour Emergency Water & Flood Damage Repairs in Glen Waverley

Our step-by-step process to restore your home or office after any water damage.

Immediate Damage Containment

  • Removal of excess water and sewage.
  • Decontamination and installing of air movers and dehumidifiers.


This stage must be done immediately, in order to prevent any further damage and contamination and to stop any escalating cost. Your insurance most likely requires you to initiate “reasonable and prudent procedures necessary to mitigate the loss.” Restore Clean is specifically trained and equipped to remove as much water from the damaged area as possible.


Secondary Damage Containment & Restoration Drying
This process must begin within 24 hours of the loss and must be inspected by a The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Certified Structural Drying Specialist. We have been extensively trained and certified on drying everything in your home or office regarding the structure, including hardwood floors, sub-floors, drywall, sill plates, ceilings, furniture, and carpet and pad.


Daily Monitoring
After the Structural Drying equipment as been put into place, monitoring this process is crucial. Daily, We will check and compare the relative humidity, temperature, and specific humidity of the outside, an unaffected area, and the affected area, while the air movers and dehumidifiers control the drying conditions. The equipment will be adjusted to ensure the fastest drying, and the exact moisture content of the everything within the affected area will be checked.


Final Cleaning / Repair / Replacement
Final Cleaning: After the structure has been returned to its normal moisture content and the carpets (if applicable) are dry, soil and other contaminants will wick to the surface of the carpet. The affected carpet may feel hard and crusty, but do not be alarmed, as this is normal after water damage. This is why the final cleaning step is so important.

Replacement: If carpet, padding, drywall, etc. has been removed, Restore Clean will bring your home or office back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible, we can contact our contractors during the drying process with your permission, and have estimates before we even finish drying.

Flood Damage Repairs

Make Your Flood or Water Damage Less Stressful

Fast action is the key to a successful Water Damage Restoration and minimising the damage caused by water intrusion.


Restore Clean specialise in Water Removal, Water Damage Restoration, Water Extraction, Water Cleanup, Water Damage Repair, Flood Cleanup, Flood Damage Repair & Shed or Garage Water Removal.


Water and Flood Damage Restoration 24/7 Domestic & Commercial Property Damage Service Company you can depend on for professional & quality Water Damage Services.

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Looking for a professional Water Damage Restoration in Glen Waverley? Restore Clean are here to help! We are available 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

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