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Howse Plumbing & Gas are highly equipped and fully licensed, up to date with the latest plumbing tools and techniques. We can take care of your drainage issues, big or small.


With years of experience in the plumbing industry, we have all sorts of blocked drains problem and we aim to fix the problem quickly and efficiently causing little or no disruption to your daily routine.


Got a blocked toilet? Better call Howse Plumbing & Gas!


When it comes to drainage issues, Howse Plumbing & Gas are the team to call. Whether it is an emergency blocked drain or just plumbing general maintenance, Howse Plumbing is here to help. If you do have a blocked drain, your local blocked drain experts will be able to solve the problem. We get at the root of the problem to effectively unblock your drain or sewer. We’ll have your drain flowing in no time.

Causes of a Blocked Drain

Tree roots intruding and growing in your drains.
This is the most common cause and it needs to be attended to urgently as it can spread and cause more major problems within a very short time.

Hair entering and clogging your drain.
This is something that we never notice, and it may sound bizarre but it truly is a very common cause. Don't take this lightly as it can severely cause damage as well.

Grease is also one of the most common reasons why you have a blocked drain. The degree of urgency is not too high here as it is relatively easy to fix with the equipment that we have.

Blocked Toilet


Blocked drains usually make a gurgling noise through sinks, baths and toilets, and can take your sink and shower water a long time to drain away.

Some causes of blocked drains is a build up of silt and dirt, or tree roots that have worked their way into breaks in the pipe.

Howse Plumbing & Gas can help you with any blocked sewer and stormwater, toilets, showers, baths, basins, over flowing drains, bursts, grease traps and everything in between. We use the most effective up to date technology to locate, diagnose and clear blockages and if need be determine and carry out what repairs need to be done to your drainage system.

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