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Split System Air Conditioning Nedlands

At CleanFuture Perth, we offer reverse cycle split system air conditioning. Reliable, affordable & efficient air conditioning solutions.


Our full service includes supply, installation & any electrical work required by an electrician. We are Perth’s only one-stop-shop that provides this full service. Trust the professionals.

Supply, delivery, installation & electrical work included in all our air conditioning services.

Complete Air Conditioning Services Nedlands

  • Supply & delivery of the air conditioning units
  • Professional installation & electrical work completed by a qualified electrician
  • Additional electrical work can be organised at an extra cost (power points, switches, etc.)


*Please note: most air conditioning sales companies DO NOT include an electrician with their installation services. When buying a new air conditioner, take account of what is included in the service & what additional costs you will need to pay. CleanFuture air conditioning installation includes everything - supply, delivery & installation by a qualified electrician.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Our air conditioning specialists can recommend appropriate solutions for your residential property.


  • in-home consultations across Perth Metro Region
  • recommend the most suitable air conditioning system for your property
  • supply & delivery of the air conditioning units
  • install the air conditioning unit with one of our qualified electricians


It is always recommended that you have a licensed & experienced professional install an air conditioning unit. Having someone who is unqualified install your air conditioning unit may jeopardise the life span of your new product, as well as increase the risk of something going wrong in the future.

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Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning Installation Nedlands

The most effective, reliable and affordable air conditioning option. The split system consists of two parts ⏤ the indoor wall mounted unit & the outdoor wall mounted unit, which are connected together with refrigerant gas.

Reverse cycle air conditioning provides both cool & hot air.

Additional features of some units include WIFI connectivity, to allow you to set your ideal room temperature from anywhere, at any time. Motion sensors allow for greater efficiency, by turning to ECO mode when it senses no one is in the room after a certain period of time.

We also offer multi-head split systems.

All split systems must be professionally installed, requiring an air conditioning specialist & an electrician. This is fully included in our service.

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