We are fully equipped to repair hot water systems of all major Australian brands. If your hot water system cannot be repaired, we can install a brand new hot water system for you quickly and efficiently.


We can advise you on the best options for both hot water system repairs or new installations, so give us a call and have your hot water running today.

Rheem Hot Water Repairs
Hot Water Installation


Looking for Hot Water Experts Servicing Winthrop? Look no further than Barra's Plumbing & Gas!


If you're not getting enough hot water or your gas hot water system needs servicing. At Barra’s Plumbing and Gas we deal with these issues daily and have done so for many years, you can rely on us to identify the problem and advise you on the most cost-effective solution.

We are a team of highly qualified and skilled plumbers & gasfitters and we will ensure the job is done properly, the first time, with minimal fuss by attention to detail.


If you have a hot water system not listed here we are happy to repair or order and install for you.

 Hot Water Repairs Winthrop

Signs your hot water system may need repairing or replacing include:

-    No hot water or hot water running out too quickly
-    Rust coloured water
-    Rotten egg odor
-    Noises such as rumbling or popping coming from the system
-    Water leaking or overflowing

Hot Water Replacement Winthrop

Choosing a Hot Water System

Tailored advice on recommended brands with the most cost effective and efficient long term solution for you.

Gas Hot Water Services
A gas hot water system uses gas to heat the hot water. It burns LPG or natural gas (mains or reticulated gas) and therefore require a natural gas connection to your home or the use of bottled gas.


There are two types of gas hot water systems:

Instantaneous systems:
Tankless instantaneous systems (continuous flow systems) heat water on demand. When the hot tap is turned on the gas burner starts and heats the water as it flows through a heat exchanger (a coiled pipe). It only heats the required amount of water instead of heating a full tank. With a continuous flow system no energy is wasted from unused hot water. The systems are wall mounted and compact so are a great space saving solution.

Storage water heaters:
A storage heater uses a gas burner located under an insulated storage tank to heat the water. A storage heater will have a pilot flame that lights the main burner when needed. Storage heater systems installed indoors require a flue to vent exhaust gas outside.

A gas hot water service can be a good solution for a home with limited sunlight/where a heat pump may be unsuitable.

Hot Water Heat Pumps
A hot water heat pump system absorbs heat from the air outside and transfers it to the water stored inside the heater through a heat exchange system. A hot water heat pump system is a cost effective solution (generous rebates available) using renewable energy without the need for solar panels. A hot water heat pump is easy to install using the same connections as your existing electric hot water system.

Electric Hot Water Systems
The traditional electric hot water systems produce around four tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. New government regulations are phasing-out these greenhouse intensive water heaters to reduce the impact on our environment.

You do not need to replace a working electric hot water system but if your system is in need of repair or replacement consider a gas, solar or electric heat pump solution.

Professional and Reliable Hot Water Experts Servicing Winthrop and the surrounding areas.


Whether servicing or repairing your existing Hot Water System or replacing it with a new unit from our extensive range of quality systems including but not limited to Rheem, Dux, Bosch and Rinnai. At Barra’s we understand the importance of getting that hot water flowing again in a timely and affordable manner. Most new units can be quoted over the phone and this price is fixed providing the existing unit complies with relevant Bylaws. If your trusty old unit is just a bit crook and can be made well again we have the experience and knowhow to service and repair. At Barra’s you can be guaranteed if we can’t fix it we won’t charge for it.

With extensive experience in both Residential and Commercial projects, we offer a genuine one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs.



We provide installation of gas and electric hot water Systems. We're able to supply you with a high-quality system and we'll be here for all emergency installation and repair needs.

Plumbing Services


Our expert plumbers know everything there is to know about fixing clogged pipes, drains, and sewer lines. At Barra's Plumbing & Gas, your plumbing emergency is our top priority.

Blocked Drains


We provide all residential plumbing services. Resolving issues such as leaking taps, toilets/cistern, burst pipes and but not limited to installations of new tapwares.

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