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We are all about exercising your dog in a safe and fun way. Meeting the needs of all types of dogs who need exercise. We don't take your dog to the park and watch them run around, we walk your dog up to 8k/h. A regular consistent walk calms the monkey mind.



We understand your dogs needs;


noun (ˈɪnstɪŋkt)

1.  the innate capacity of an animal to respond to a given stimulus in a relatively fixed way

Walking is a desire that is borne from instinct.  On a walk a dog will not only receive physical exercise but they will also gain mental stimulation.  If a dog is incapable of stimulating the olfactory (scent) and visual senses on a regular basis then they may start to show signs of distress and can act out in different ways that leave dog owners perplexed.

The act of exploring smells is equivalent to humans picking up a book or having an in depth conversation.  It stimulates the brain and can mentally exhaust them, while the physical walk drains the body of the excess energy.

A dog who cannot act on instinct will find other ways of achieving satisfaction.  This can be displayed in ways such as barking at nothing in particular for long periods of time, digging, chewing/eating anything accessible including Coprophagia (poop eating) and desperate attempts at human reunion including Houdini style escape plans, that quite often end up in injuries or a pickup from the local council.

Walking the same paths every day can get a little boring for a dog too, this is like reading the same book over and over again, they do enjoy it however the stimulation level decreases and they benefit poorly by only having a small physical exercise minus the mental drain.

Walking with other dogs in a pack situation can have its own benefits.  Dogs naturally fall into a dominant to submissive hierarchy which can diffuse the lead jerking behaviours that so many little dogs suffer from.  

On lead walking can make some dogs feel threatened as their choice of fight or flight has been taken away from them some dogs will be on full defensive mode when approaching other dogs and will exhibit terrible manners.  

This can also be overcome with pack walks or specific pairing of nervous dogs with confident dogs.

Dolcey Dog Walking Toorak is committed to the health and well being of ALL dogs great and small as we believe that all creatures deserve love and respect.  We analyse all dogs before mixing them and use safe meeting techniques before we let the dogs get close enough to touch noses.  

We can wear out the fittest of dogs walking speeds up to 7km/h, or a slower meander for the shorter legged/older/disabled varieties.

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