Blocked Drains Kingsgrove? Need a plumber fast?

The most common causes of blocked drains...

Tree Roots
Tree roots are widely recognized as the number one cause of blockage and clogs in water and sewer mains.


Fat, oil and grease
Fat, oil and grease are enemies of plumbing and all its accessories.


Hair can accumulate to the point where it creates slow flow or total blockage. We can’t help that hair comes out of our heads naturally, but we can try to protect the drain as much as possible with small screens and good practices, such as sweeping hair out of sinks and cleaning the hair brushes over the trash can.


Food waste
Food bits and chunks should be placed in the rubbish bin - never in the sink, bathtub or laundry drains. It especially should not be flushed down the toilet.


Foreign Objects
Objects such as bar soap can break off in chunks and become lodged in the drain, as well as other things that should not end up in there, such as jewelry, children’s toys, toilet paper, dental floss and food.

We can get your drains flowing in no time!

A blocked drain needs attending to as soon as possible, otherwise it could wreak havoc in other areas of your home. Signs of a blocked drain include smelly odours, slow draining water in the sink or bathtub, or the water in the toilet being sucked back too quickly.


We are equipped with the right tools to find the cause of blocked drains on the spot. We will do electric & hydrojet drain cleaning, pipe relining and will conduct CCTV camera inspections when required.

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