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We carry the correct mechanical equipment in their vehicles to clear internal and external drain blockages.


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Many plumbers may only use a plunger to clear your drain. While this may seem like a cheaper option it is also only a temporary solution as it only moves the problem further down your drain. The mechanical equipment that we use will cut away and remove whatever may be causing the blockage providing a longer-term, sometimes permanent solution.

We are able to carry out camera inspections of your drains and locate where your current and potential problem areas are. We will then be able to provide you with a quote for the best course of action.


100mm drains
The most common cause of the larger 100mm drains blocking are tree roots. Blockages occur more frequently in the older earthenware (clay) piping than in the newer PVC (plastic) piping. Tree roots seek out water and will find their way into pipes by way of a crack or weakened joint. They then begin to spread inside the pipe which can cause an obstruction. Drain cleaning equipment with a specialised root cutting attachment is the only way to effectively remove the tree roots. If the drain continues to occlude because of tree roots we could then carry out a camera inspection and locate the problem areas. With this information we could then provide you with a comprehensive quote that may recommend replacing the sections of the drain which are faulty, allowing the intrusion of tree roots and causing the problems.


65mm and 50mm PVC drains
The most common cause of blockages with these drains are the sink lines filling up with solidified fat. Years of washing fat and food particles down the sink cause the inside of the drain to narrow and they will eventually completely block up. The fat will need to be removed mechanically from the inside of the waste line.


50mm and 40mm PVC and cast-iron waste lines
Older cast iron waste lines may block up with hair, tree roots, and cooking fats.

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We can help unblock any pipe or drain in your home or office. With the best equipment and trained team, we can have your pipes operating like new without hesitation.


  • Blocked Basins/Sinks
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Shower
  • Commercial Blockages


We can offer advice and consult on how to avoid drain blockages therefore reducing future maintenance.


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The Drain Surgeon Plumbing & Gas can help you with any blocked sewer and stormwater, toilets, showers, baths, basins, over flowing drains, bursts, grease traps, and everything in between. We use the most effective up to date technology to locate, diagnose, and clear blockages and if need be determine and carry out what repairs need to be done to your drainage system.

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