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Got a drainage issues? At J.O Plumbing - Blocked Drains Ashburton, we pride ourselves on having a prompt and reliable service and meeting customers needs.

Having blocked drain is not a pleasant experience. When you run out of solution to solve your blocked drain problem, it's now time to call the expert.


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Blockage in your home’s toilets, kitchen, laundry or bathroom pipes can cause blocked drains. A blocked drain is usually caused by objects unfit for flushing because the drain is not meant to flush large objects such as papers, plastics etc. Another major cause of blocked drain can be roots of trees.


J.O Plumbing are available to help clear and clean your drains of stormwater or clogging quickly, effectively and safely with no hidden costs. You can also be sure that you are receiving the best and most honest service possible.

Symptoms of blocked drain can be:

  • Water levels in toilet seem full and drains with time and takes longer than normal to clear
  • While shower, the water seems to jam and takes a while to clear through drain
  • Bad smells can also be a symptom for blocked drain


Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Ashburton

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Plumbing Repairs Ashburton

J.O Plumbing Blocked Drains Ashburton are fully licensed and insured plumbing business providing friendly and professional service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

So for great, on-time service and value when you need a plumber you can count on, call J.O Plumbing Australia on 0422 653 347.

We provide services like Blocked drains, tapware and whitegoods, gas fitting, roofs and gutters, fixing leaded and broken pipes, toilet plumbing, hot water repair and installation and so much more.

Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water Repair, Service and Installations | Servicing Ashburton and the surrounding areas


Same day hot water service, repair, and installation Ashburton

JO Plumbing specialise in hot water service, installation, repair in almost all kinds Hot Water products. Hot water supply is crucial to all households, especially in a weather like Melbourne which is cold for the most part. A breakdown in the hot water supply can be due to various reasons and can be hazardous for DIY trials, in case of a hot water break down you must call a professional hot water repair plumber. JO Plumbers are experts of all hot water services and repairs. For the last 7 years are we have served customers all over Melbourne for hot water installations, repairs, and service. Our fully qualified and licensed team members have over 15 years of experience in hot water systems and we hold a good reputation in the hot water industry.

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