Ballarat Victoria

Ballarat is a city in Victoria, Australia, and one of the country's largest inland cities, well known for its history and heritage. 

Ballarat is 105 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, with a population of approximately 89,000 people.

Eureka Stockade

Ballarat is notable as the site for Australia's only armed civil uprising, referred to as the Eureka Stockade but more correctly titled the Eureka Rebellion, which took place on 3 December 1854. The event, in which 22 miners (eureka diggers) died, is considered a defining moment in Australian history.



Gold was discovered near Ballarat in 1851, which saw over 10,000 miners in less than a year transform it from a small town into one of Victoria's largest settlements. The Victorian gold rush occurred throughout the 1850's and 1860's when gold could be relatively easily found. The city's growth slowed down after the 1880's and Melbourne quickly overshadowed it in importance.  Ballarat, however, has continued as a major regional centre and become an important tourist destination (especially with places like Sovereign Hill), having retained much of its Victorian era heritage, a unique culture, and is highly regarded for its heritage listed public and private buildings, statues, monuments, and expansive gardens.

Two websites relating to Australians at war... Australian War Heroes and ANZAC Day. 



Peter Barnes, the author of this website was born and raised in Ballarat... go to his website here.

Peter's Great Grandmother's brother was killed in the Battle Of Fromelles in WW1 on the 19th of July 2016. See more information regarding this at Worst Day In Australia's History.


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