TV Reception Problem?

TV Antenna Installation Coolum

Problem with TV Reception?

Signal Fox can repair and install TV Antennas using the correct equipment and extensive experience, giving you the best TV viewing experience.

Want the best TV Viewing Experience? Call Signal Fox for all your tv antenna requirements.

  • Integrity and Quality
  • Technicians all have a minimum of 10 years experience
  • Affordable and competitive


TV Reception and Signal Issues?

Signal Fox will come to your home and diagnose your reception problems, as there is always a solution to TV reception problems.


For the best TV viewing experience in Coolum and the surrounding areas, call Signal Fox.

External Factors That Can Affect Your TV Reception

Your location plays a big part. Naturally, the further away from a TV tower you are, the weaker the signal will be. If you live in a valley, next to a cliff or are surrounded by taller buildings, your reception will be hampered. We will survey the roof top with a high-tech Digital Signal Meter to find the best height and location for your antenna, resulting in clear and reliable TV viewing.


The quality and age of the antenna can also affect the signal; for example, the life expectancy of an antenna on the coast is around 3 to 7 years before it starts to degrade, or, some older antennas may only be designed to pick up a limited range of frequency.

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TV Antenna Repairs and Installation Coolum

Signal Fox’s diversity of services range from tuning in the home TV, to boosting Mobile Phone signals in the home/office, to designing and installing wireless internet for large Holiday Resorts and virtually everything in between!

Signal Fox is a unique business that is constantly up-to-date with the latest technology on offer; that is, the best technology available right now to improve or boost the signals for TV, Mobile Phone, Internet/Wifi, Digital Radio, and Networking.

What’s the ideal location for a TV antenna?

On the roof, with a clear line of sight towards your nearest TV-transmission tower, is always the best policy. It sounds a lot simpler than it actually is though. Using our state-of-the-art Digital Signal Meters, we can always find the best location for your home or business. We absolutely do not recommend getting up on the roof yourself. Without the appropriate knowledge and safety practices, this can be very dangerous.

What’s the right frequency for your antenna?

Digital VHF 175.5MHz to 226.5MHz Brisbane

Digital UHF 536.5MHz to 683.5MHz Sunshine Coast

I have problems receiving reliable and clear digital TV; what should I do?

Call Signal Fox to come and diagnose your reception problems, as there is always a solution to TV reception problems.

Our Services Includes: TV Tune-In, a TV Antenna Repair, TV Aerial Booster, Aerial Splitter, TV Cable Replacement, New Digital Antenna Installation.

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