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Residential Split System, Ducted Reverse Cycle & Evaporative Cooling Systems

Domestic air conditioning services in Huntingdale and the surrounding areas.


There are loads of possible side effects of poor air conditioner maintenance, including major impacts on your health and your wallet.

The best way to ensure your air conditioning is running efficiently is to call on a respected air con service company to inspect and clean your system. If you’re concerned at the cost of getting an air conditioning expert to do a house call when it is time to change or clean the filters, the good news is that there are some tasks you can do yourself.

You may think your ducted air conditioner is working as it should be. But the efficiency of your unit declines gradually, so you may not even realise the extent of waning until you are trying to cool or heat your home and the air conditioner just cannot do it.

Just like your car or lawnmower, your air conditioner needs to be maintained properly and serviced regularly. When you neglect your engine and filters, the motor is required to work harder which will eventually lead to it burning out. This often causes a domino effect resulting in further extensive damage to other components within.

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Air Conditioning Services


We have a network of air conditioning experts that provides a wide range of air conditioning services for residential clients, which encompasses everything from installations, repairs, maintenance and even stocking a wide range of parts from well-known and trusted brands.

Air Conditioning


Keep your indoor environment at the perfect temperature. Our network of heating and cooling specialist can design and install air conditioning systems to meet your home comfort requirements. So don't delay, send us your enquiry and a local air conditioning technician will get in touch with you shortly.

Ducted Heating System


Ducted heating and cooling system is a popular choice for those looking to up the comfort of their living space. If you’re not sure which system is the right one for you, please feel free to contact us to find out more.


From installation, maintenance, emergency breakdown and repair of Residential Air Conditioning Systems. Covering Huntingdale and the surrounding areas.


When it comes to air conditioning repairs in Huntingdale, let our network of professional air conditioning technician be your one stop shop for fast, reliable and friendly service. They know that air conditioners don’t always break down at the most convenient time, so you can choose a time that suits you.


Beat the summer heat! They have the tools and experience to provide reliable air conditioning repair that’ll have your system up and running as quickly as possible. They work with all major brands and air conditioning systems all over Perth; no matter the issue, our experienced technicians can fix the problem.


There are all kinds of air conditioning units available to customers on the market today. Which one is right for you depends on many things, especially your budget and what you want to do with your property.

Among the types of system we install are:

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

The ideal choice if you want to cool your whole house, these systems come with an air handling unit, a vent in each room, and an outdoor compressor, all situated discreetly out of sight to ensure your visual environment is not spoiled.

Multi-head split systems/reverse-cycle conditioners
Consisting of a single outdoor compressor powering different indoor units that can be controlled individually, these systems are ideal if you are short on space.

Wall-mounted split systems
Perfect for cooling a single room or area, these include one indoor unit and an outdoor compressor, and include a reverse cycle to provide both cooling and heating.

Ceiling Cassette Systems
If you lack space on your roof for a ducted system, these provide heating or cooling like wall-mounted split systems.

Evaporative Air Conditioning
Perth’s choice for AC as it works best in the dry heat.

Brands we can help you with:

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