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Specialising in the design and installation of a range of air conditioning units, Grundy Air Conditioning Malaga offer technical advice and solutions for ducted evaporative and reverse cycle air conditioning units, split systems, cool/freezer rooms and display fridges.


Grundy Air Conditioning Malaga provides residential and commercial services including: installations, servicing, and repairs to all makes and models of air conditioning/refrigeration units. 




  • Supply and installation of all air conditioning units for residential and commercial properties, including ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, wall mounted split systems, and ducted evaporative air conditioning.
  • Design and layout of the air conditioning unit in your home or business to maximise the efficiency of your system.
  • Supply and installation of Cool and freezer rooms and cold water drink units.
  • Supply and installation of drink and food display fridges.
  • Automotive Air conditioning re-gas.




  • Servicing to all makes and models of air conditioning units, including scheduled or annual servicing and maintenance.
  • Repairs to all makes and models of air conditioning units, plus any replacement and installation of parts
  • Servicing and repairs to all cool and freezer rooms and cold water drink units.
  • Servicing and repairs of drink and food display fridges.
Grundy Evaporative Air Conditioning
Grundy Air Conditioning Repairs

Our company will install, service and repairs and any make and model of air conditioning unit.

Grundy Air Conditioning Brands


We are W.A owned and operated with over sixty years of combined experience, developing a reputation as your first choice for Air Conditioning in Malaga. As a locally owned company we believe in supplying quality brand air conditioners at competitive prices. Our professional and experienced team provides a quality and efficient service at a competitive price.

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