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Problem with blocked drains? Why suffer when you can get it fix quickly by calling AC Plumbing & Gasfitting. We specialise in all aspects of general plumbing maintenance and gasfitting. We are fully licensed and insured all work is guaranteed.


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Blocked Drains

At AC Plumbing & Gasfitting - Blocked Drains Pakenham, we offer our plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week servicing Pakenham and the surrounding areas. We understand that for some emergency work you can need a licensed plumber ASAP. Don't waste another minute searching for unreliable and overpriced plumbers. AC Plumbing and Gasfitting comes to you on time, every time and gets the job done at the right price.

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Signs of Blocked Drains

It may take a while for a blockage to build up and become completely apparent, but once a problem has started to take its toll, it will be obvious very quickly.


By making yourself aware of the signs and symptoms of a blocked drain to look out for, you’ll be able to take action quickly and put the problem right as soon as possible.


Slow Draining
One of the most obvious signs that a drain is blocked is if your toilet, shower, bath or sinks are draining slowly. If a blockage is particularly bad, water may not drain away at all.

If only one fixture is experiencing issues, then the blockage is probably localised to a pipe connected to that specific appliance; however, if all of them are backed up, then the blockage is most likely to be in the sewer drain.


The toilet can be helpful in revealing the extent of the problem – if flushing the toilet causes water to rise in the shower, or running taps causes the water in the toilet to rise, then the issue is definitely a blocked drain.


This also applies if any water-based appliances are causing water to appear elsewhere when used, so don’t forget to check external drains and manhole covers on your property for signs of rising water – though be sure to do so only from the outside, as entering manholes is highly dangerous due to the risk of hazardous gases and bacteria.


Foul smell
Foul smells are a dead giveaway for a blockage, and can be one of the most obvious indicators of an underlying problem – if something has blocked the drain and begun to rot, you will certainly know about it.

The bad smell may well arise before any visual symptoms emerge, so it’s vital not to ignore any unusual odours in the home that can’t be readily identified.


Gurgling sounds
Finally, if your pipes and fixtures sound different than usual, it could be an indication of a blockage. Gurgling noises from drains, plug holes, toilet flushes and pipes are early warning signs – these sounds are created when air trapped in the pipes by the blockage is displaced and pushed up through the system.

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AC Plumbing & Gasfitting - Blocked Drains Pakenham are able to attend to all aspects of drainage problems including the clearing and repair of all internal and external drains. We cater for domestic and commercial clients. Whether you have a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked sewer - we will react quickly and get you up and running again with minimal fuss and mess.

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