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Are your drains running slow or backing up completely? You may have a tree root problem... One of the most common reasons for blocked drains in Hamersley is due to tree roots.


If your drain is blocked, call your local plumber to clear it for you FAST! JDC Plumbing and Gas have the tools and equipment, to pinpoint the location of the blockage, then engage the most effective method to clear it.

We provide fast and effective solution to all your drainage issues. Call us on 0420 309 399


JDC Plumbing and Gas specialise in solving all drainage issues, including blocked sink, blocked toilet, blocked sewer pipes and blocked storm water drains.

Blocked Drains is one of homeowners nightmare. Many people try to do it themselves to save money by using chemicals that sometimes makes the situation worst.

If you suspect a blocked drain or pipe in your property, call your local plumber.

Some of the common signs of Blocked Drains:

Slow Draining
A slowly draining sink is one of the first signs of a blocked drain. This is one symptom that will often get pushed to the back of a homeowners mind, but if you see it do not ignore.

Rattling Noise / Foul Odour
A blocked drain will likely cause the pipes to rattle or shake as water tries to drain. If a drain is blocked locally, the noise will sound like it is close.

Changes in Flush
A blocked drain can affect the water in your toilet. When you flush, you may notice water rising higher and take longer to drain, or you might see lower water levels in the bowl.

With years of experience, JDC Plumbing and Gas is the blocked drain clearing specialists in Hamersley and the surrounding areas. If you’re struggling with a blocked drain, we can take care of it with our specialised equipment and clear the problem for you,

Blocked Drains

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Fully Licensed & Insured
Our courteous Plumbers respect your home and family, providing attention to detail that ensures quality and safe work. Our professionals are trained to handle the most complex plumbing or gas problems.

On Time Service

JDC Plumbing and Gas is available on your schedule, including out of hours emergencies. Our courteous Plumbers respect the fact that your time is valuable, they guarantee to meet within the time slot given.

Reasonable Prices

JDC Plumbers explain what they are going to do prior to starting work. We provide tips to our customers on how to maintain the longevity of plumbing fixtures. All our services are undertaken at very competitive rates!

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